Combine Harvester

The new TC5.30 is the most productive multi-crop harvester in its segment. Perfectly at home in any field, whether harvesting small grains such as wheat or barley, specialist crops including rice, sunflower, sorghum or large grains such as corn, soybeans and a broad range of pulse crops. The new five strawwalker model features a best-in-class 1,300 mm wide and 607 mm diameter threshing drum, a double cascaded cleaning shoe with a pre-sieve, a 3500 litre grain tank with an enclosed 3.85m unloading auger and can be paired with the 15ft High-Capacity header. Furthermore, the model delivers the lowest total cost of ownership in its segment. The result? The highest capacity in its segment.



High-Capacity grain header
Cutting width (m/ft) 
Knife speed (cuts/min.)
Electric reel speed control 
Hydraulic reel height control
Reel fore-aft control
Maize headers
Heavy duty driveline (2HC powerbelt) 
Rigid maize header
5 row
Rotary dividers

Mechanically suspended seat
Instructor’s seat
Air-conditioning  Standard
Remote controls for header, threshing and unloading engagement  Standard
cab heating  Optional
Threshing drum 
Width (mm) 1300
Diameter (mm)  607
Speed range (rpm) 387 - 1012
Electric drum speed control Standard
Drum concave
Area (m2) 0.79
Number of bars  14
Angle of wrap (degrees) 111 
Concave adjustment Manual
Rotary Separator Optional
Diameter (m) 0.605
Speed (rpm) 760 or 400 
Concave area (including rake) (m2 ) 0.83
Multi-Thresh™ concave  Standard
Number 5
Separation area with Rotary Separator (m2 )  4.5
Separation area with Rotary Separator (m2 )  5.3
Total sieve area under wind control  (m2) 3.97
Double Cascade cleaning shoe with extra pre-sieve  Standard
Cleaning fan speed range (rpm) 325 to 927
Cleaning fan speed control Manual
Volume (l) 3500
Unload capacity (l/sec) 65
Displacement (l) 5.9
Emission level Tier 3
Injection system Mechanical injectors
Gross power ECE R120 (2000 rpm) [kW/hp(CV)] 96,35/131
Air compressor kit Optional
Fuel tank capacity (l) 300 
Traction Mechanical
Speeds 4 forward, 1 reverse
Ground speed (km/h) 25
Tracks Optional
Front TW 18.4-30 14PR - Rear SW 9.00-16 16PR Standard
Front TW 23.1-26-14PR-TD0 - Rear SW 12.0/75-18 12PR TR-03 Optional