Rice Transplanter

Rice transplantation has a short sowing time frame available, it is critical to sow rice within this duration. Manual transplantation involves a lot of hardwork & consumes more time. Mechanisation in rice transplantation removes human drudgery and also helps sow rice faster. Mahindra AppliTrac's Walk Behind Type Rice Transplanter ensures precise transplantation by maintaining plant to plant distance & number of saplings per hill which helps better weeding & interculture and contributes to overall productivity.


    • Powerful 3.7 kW (5 HP) petrol engine for operating in severe wetland condition.
    • Distance between rows and each plant is uniformly maintained.
    • Easy accessible controls especially for Indian farmer.
    • Fast speed of operation helps save time.
    • Robust design for increased life span.
    • Rubber long life lugged wheels for better traction while transplanting.
    • Low cost of operation and helps do away hiring manual labour.
    • Low vibration level does not cause fatigue to operator.
    • Automatic float adjustment mechanism for uniform depths for high yield.
    • Requires less maintenance.

    Model                                                                                                  Unit                                       MP461

    Type                                                                                                                                                     4 rows

    Engine                                  Model                                                                                                  MF 168 FB

                                                    Type                                                                                                     Air cooled, Single cylinder, 4 stroke

                                                    Displacement                                    cc                                            196

                                                    Rated Output                                                                                     3.7kW (5HP)1700

                                                    Fuel                                                                                                      Petrol

                                                    Fuel Tank Capacity                               l                                               3.5

    Transmission                      No. of Wheel                                            2

                                                    Wheel   Type                                                                                      Rubber lug wheel

                                                                                                                    mm                                        Ø660

                                                    No. of Speed                                                                                     2F+1R

                                                    Main Clutch                                                                                       Belt tension

                                                    Vertical Handle Adjustment                                                       Rotating, Steeples adjustment

    Planter                                 Planting Depth                                  cm                                          5 Step

                                                    No. of Rows                                                                                       4

                                                    Distance Between Rows                 mm                                        300

                                                    Planting Pitch                                     mm                                        160,180,210

                                                    Seeding Feed Mechanism                                                           Wide Feeder Belt System

    Planting Speed                                                                                 m/s                                        0.4-0.85

    Travel Speed on Road                                                                    m/s                                        1.78

    Dimesion                             Overall Length                                   working(mm)                    2300

                                                    Over Width                                         working(mm)                    1680

                                                    Over Height                                        working(mm)                    790

    Weight Operating                                                                            kg                                           180