Laser Land Leveler

Laser leveling of agricultural land is a conservation technology. It has the potential to change the way food is produced by enhancing resource-use efficiency of critical inputs without any disturbing and harmful effects on the productive resilience of the ecosystem.

In spite of several direct and indirect benefits derived from laser land leveling technology, it is yet to become a popular farming practice in the developing and the underdeveloped countries. For accelerating its popularization and large-scale adoption, it requires a number of well-considered and synchronized research, extension, participatory, economic initiatives keeping in view the long-term sustainability of production systems.

Benefits of laser land leveling over conventional land leveling

• Reduction in time and water for irrigation

• Uniform distribution of water

• Less water consumption in land preparation

• Precise level and smoother soil surface

• Uniform moisture environment for crops

• Lesser weeds in the field

• Good germination and growth of crop

• Uniformity in crop maturity

• Reduced seed rate, fertilizers, chemicals and fuel requirements


Benefits of precise land leveling

• Saves irrigation water >35 %

• Reduced weed in the field

• Increase in field areas about 3.5 %

• Reduce farm operating time by 10 %

• Assist topsoil management

• Saves labor costs

• Saves fuel/electricity used in irrigation

• Increase productivity up to 25 %


• Easy to use

• Resettable timer which allows to measure leveling time

• RF remote control unit lets you operate the transmitter while driving the tractor

•Usable for zero slope, single slope and Dual slope

•Rugged mounting solution via ram mount

•Water proof technology