Square Baler

New Holland 5060 Baler Specification Hydroformatic bale tensioning with HD Knotter

Square Baler

New Holland 5060 Baler Specification Hydroformatic bale tensioning with HD Knotter

Square Baler

Square Baler


Operators who custom bale, especially for horse farms, are big fans of New Holland square balers. New Holland bales are the only choice for hand-feeding because they quickly separate into flakes. Professionals put their trust in BC5000 model balers because they make consistently dense, well-shaped bales that are easy to handle.

Bale Size:
Cross Section

14 x 18 in. (36x 46 cm)
Audjustable,12 to 52 in. (31 to 132 cm)
Super-Sweep Pickup:
Width on flare
Number of teeth
Floating windguard
Gauge wheel

1.8 m
110 on 5 tooth bars
8 rods
V-belt roller chain to lost motion reel drive
3.00 x 12; semi-pneumatic
Rotary Feeding System:

Packer fork in combination with 2 paired rotors
Chain from main drive shaft; sealed ball bearings on all shafts
Feed opening Plunger:
Stroke length
Speed (540 rpm)

1826 cm
76.2 cm
93 SPM
High-strength steel throughout; modified extension is built
into the plunger face, eleminating the need for bolt-on extensions
Tying Mechanisms:
Capicity (twine)

HD Knotter
6 balls
4 coils
Main Drive:
Flywheel diameter

56 cm
3 joint
Hearbolt, overrunning & slip clutches
poid with tapered roller bearings; heat-treated alloy Tires: steel running in oil
Floating (right)
Floating (left)

27 x 9.50-15, 6 PR
31 x 13.50,5, 6 PR
Dimensions: Height (max.)

178 cm
279 cm
626 cm
With 3-joint PTO & quarter-turn bale chute

1542 kg
Recommended Transport Speed: 32 km/h
Tractor requirement: SS-75 HP
Square Baler

  1. Hydroformatic Bale Tensioning:

    • Hydroformatic System: Hydroformatic bale tensioning is a system used in balers to maintain consistent and uniform bale density. It typically involves a hydraulic system that adjusts the tension applied to the bale during the baling process.
    • Benefits: This system allows for efficient and precise control of bale density, ensuring that the resulting bales are well-formed and consistent in size.
  2. HD Knotter:

    • HD (Heavy Duty) Knotter: This terminology suggests that the knotter mechanism in the baler is designed with heavy-duty components. Knotter systems are crucial in balers for tying the bales securely after they are formed.
    • Benefits: A heavy-duty knotter is designed for durability and reliability, especially when dealing with high volumes of baling.